what kind of flowers are these?
they aren’t just dying flowers?



Cell Division

one time you got hurt
very bad so I went
for medicine in new jersey
and once there
they brought coffee so bad
I thought to put salt in it

salt, just like Lot’s Wife
put her under a microscope
and what do you see?
salt, but that’s not a whole life
there’s an inner life too
but sometimes its ceased

no matter, sometimes you become
a chemical engineer
other times you join the ranks of
the surveyors of great pains
in desperation you might transform
into a slug inching toward the ocean 

alls well, hope it rains, add more sugar
add more cream, stir, and the problem
fixes itself, just like a wound knits
its own new life
feel better, good luck
signed, Dr. Bud.



Bud Smith is a graduate of Central Regional High School. @bud_smith

A conspiracy theory Bud believes is that Mothman ripped down that bridge.