We are detectives
We eavesdrop

                Billions of years ago
                two neutron stars

circle each other
desperate and breathless

finishing their last
pressing conversation

Remnants of once intense lives
cascade into a final spiral
until they embrace

 smashing platinum
 and gold into existence

a violent coalescence
outshining at least 100 billion suns

their collided mass
propagating gravitational waves
across the fabric of space
at light speed

gamma rays detected
only a moment after

We were watching
We were listening

We saw them encompass
each other completely 

with their final words
rippling right through us




Alicia Sometimes is an Australian writer, poet and broadcaster. She has performed her spoken word at many venues, festivals and events around the world including World Science Festival Brisbane (2017) and Quantum Words Festival (2016). Alicia is a regular guest on ABC 774 and Radio National talking books, arts and culture. Alicia was a 2014 Fellow at the State Library of Victoria and writer and director of the science-poetry show, Elemental that toured extensively in planetaria around the world. In 2017 she co-produced ‘Chaos to Calm’ (Soundproof, RN) creatively exploring scientific processes. Alicia has helped create podcasts for Science Gallery, Melbourne for the Blood exhibition. She is passionate about arts and science and is currently working on a new show on gravitational waves.